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The Guided Reflection Workshop

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Learning from experience is one of the most vital skills a person can possess, but it is a skill relatively few possess. This session focuses on the process of understanding and consolidating the lessons to be had from experience, and employing them as tools as we move forward.

Roger Marsh served most of his working life as an officer in the Australian Army. He has extensive experience in instructing in areas such as world view, resilience, ethics, vision setting, guided reflection, mission command and organisational change.

Course Outcomes

  • Distilling the essence of experience.
  • Understanding the questions and issues that arise from experience.
  • Developing answers and solution to those questions.

Course Delivery and Duration

The Guided Workshop is a half day course delivered either at your site or ours. Note a minimum of 4 teachers / staff is required for this course.


The listed price is for onsite workshops held within a two hour drive of our offices in Aspley, Queensland. We can deliver workshops further afield for the listed price plus travel and accommodation expenses. Please contact us for details.