Professional Learning

There are few things that express who we are to the world better than how we do business. From the products we create and offer, the way we engage with our customers, and the what we give back to the community, our business are as individual the people who start them.

New Gauge Digital

Standing Offer Arrangement

We provide convenient Standing Offer Arrangements tailored for schools in Queensland. Our pre-established agreements offer streamlined procurement processes, allowing schools to efficiently acquire goods and services without the need for extensive procurement procedures.

New Gauge Digital

Non-Standing offer arrangement

We offer tailored training programs on non-standing offer arrangements specifically designed for schools in Queensland. Our courses provide valuable knowledge and skills to effectively manage individual procurement's, enabling schools to navigate the complexities of supplier selection, negotiation, and compliance.

Why Choose New Gauge Digital?

New Gauge Digital is a trusted partner for schools embarking on their digital transformation journey. With our extensive experience, we specialize in creating customized ICT delivery models that align with the unique needs of each school and its community. Our services include assessing readiness, building robust infrastructure, engaging the community, upskilling teachers, and launching and supporting programs in the classroom. Contact New Gauge Digital today to benefit from our proven track record in assisting schools with their digital initiatives.