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Mobile Device Management

New Gauge Digital specializes in helping schools get the best out of their iPad and Mac classrooms.

Building on Apple’s deployment tools for Education, we bring expertise, experience and platforms designed to streamline and empower school administrators, teachers and technicians to transform their students’ learning while keeping them safe. Our team at New Gauge Digital have a wealth of knowledge and experience in selecting, planning, deploying and maintaining the tools your school needs to keep your students safe and productive. Contact us to explore how we can help you get the best out of your mobile device program.

Apple Tools for IT and Deployment

Apple has built powerful tools specifically for schools to support administrators with deployment, help teachers with classroom workflows and personalise learning for every student.

Apple School Manager is a simple, web-based portal that lets IT administrators deploy iPad and Mac in schools. You can easily provide students and staff members with access to Apple services, set up devices, get apps and books, and enable teachers with tools to create engaging learning experiences — all from one place. And now with Microsoft Azure Active Directory support, it’s easier than ever to integrate iPad and Mac into your existing environment, and provide your students and staff members with access to key Apple services for teaching and learning. With access to iCloud Drive, iCloud Photos, iCloud Backup, Classwork and Shared iPad, teachers and students can access learning materials and the work they’ve created on any device. Learn more at

Shared iPad enables multiple students to use the same iPad while ensuring a personal learning experience and keeping each student’s data separate and secure.

Classroom lets teachers manage classroom iPad devices. They can open apps and links to guide students through a lesson; send and receive documents with everyone in the class; and view iPad screens to keep an eye on student work.

Classwork enables teachers to share and receive instructional materials, review student progress, provide instant feedback and personalise instruction. Students have one place to see assignments, submit their work and view their progress. Learn more at

New Gauge Tools for Management

New Gauge Digital has partnered several of the world’s best software providers to deliver an iPad management solution that is right for YOUR school.

JAMF School

Just need the basics? JAMF School (formerly ZuluDesk) is the right choice for you. Easy to use and highly affordable, JAMF School requires minimal IT intervention while being both reliable and secure. For iPhone, iPad, Mac and AppleTV.

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JAMF for Education

Lightspeed Relay Mobile Manager

Need a flexible MDM which allows you delegate administrative privileges over different parts of your school’s fleet? Do you have a multiplatform one-to-one program that you need to manage from one pane of glass? Lightspeed Relay Manage is the answer. Easily manage your fleet of iPad, Mac, Windows or ChromeOS devices be they school-owned or BYOD from a single dashboard. Lightspeed Relay Manage is trusted by some of the largest education departments in the world to manage their devices and keep their students safe.

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Lightspeed Relay Mobile Manager


Is your school a Microsoft shop that needs to seamlessly integrate Mac and iPad management into your existing Intune environment with the peace of mind provided by Conditional Access? Does your IT department want a powerful enterprise-grade Apple management platform that is able to integrate best-of-breed third-party tools? Do you need powerful reporting and inventory management? If so, JAMF Pro has been providing IT admins with world-leading Apple management since 2002 and is the best choice for intensively-managed IT environments.

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New Gauge Tools for Student Safety - Lightspeed Relay

Managing devices is a critical first step in ensuring student safety, but is not enough. You need to know what content your students are accessing and only allow what is relevant and safe.

Lightspeed’s Relay Filter provides peace of mind filtering and reporting on internet use for iOS, Mac, Windows and ChromeOS devices. Whitelist, blacklist, manage YouTube flag search terms and more, whether students are on or off campus. Relay features comprehensive reporting tools, including a Parent Report, which is an invaluable tool in building the home-school partnership for learning. Best of all, Relay integrates seamlessly into most leading Mobile Device Management platforms, especially Lightspeed Mobile Manager.

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