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Solutions for Education

The way that children learn is evolving rapidly, and technology is playing an important role in the learning environment. Effective practice utilising digital technology has the power to unlock the potential in students and ignite creativity in every learner.

New Gauge Digital has considerable experience assisting schools on this journey and creating the right ICT delivery model for the school and its community. We have assisted a number of schools in navigating this complex process by assessing readiness, building infrastructure, engaging the community, upskilling teachers and launching and supporting programs in the classroom.

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Solutions For Education

Devices for Learning

At New Gauge Digital we have a range of powerful devices for the 21st Century learner. Whether you are looking to implement a BYO or school owned 1-to-1 iPad program, a computer lab for shared use or a cutting-edge STEAM classroom we have the devices and learning tools to help.

We understand that sustainability is critical in building a successful solution. New Gauge Digital offers the best value procurement and leasing options*, with the flexibility that schools need.

Devices for Learning

Mobile Device Management

We know it can take a lot of time to deploy and manage a fleet of devices in a school, and the impact that this can have on teaching and learning when it doesn’t work well. There is an easy solution for this called Mobile Device Management (MDM). In simple terms, a MDM solution is a one-stop-shop for rolling out and managing devices. It makes it easier to deploy, manage, monitor and support devices from a central location.

At New Gauge Digital we only offer the best quality and value MDM solutions. Speak to us today about the approach that is right for your school.

Mobile Device Management

IT Planning for Sustainability

Every school community is unique, and every school’s ICT environment should be built to serve those unique needs. Our experienced education consultants and technicians will work with you to design and build a solution that meets your requirements, within your budget.

We offer an end-to-end approach from infrastructure, network support and hardware to resources to support the implementation of the Digital Technologies Curriculum. We take the stress out of device and app deployment by providing a full service solution. We are able to deliver your devices, configured, managed, and protected with nothing left for your school to do it distribute them to students.

We understand that sustainability is critical in building a successful solution. New Gauge Digital offers the best value procurement and leasing options, with the flexibility that schools need.

IT Planning for Sustainability

In-Home and Onsite Support

New Gauge Digital offers the highest quality technical support with flexible options for both onsite and at-home services.

New Gauge Digital currently supports over 20 schools in the greater Brisbane region. Our expert technicians deploy fast and efficient technical support when you need it.

In the current COVID-19-affected environment we see an increasing need to support schools while their students are learning remotely. We have put tools and procedures in place to provide remote IT assistance to school staff and families to support working and learning at home.

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In-Home and Onsite Support

Virtual Professional Learning and Curriculum Support

At New Guide Digital, we know that powerful hardware and software is only one part of building a successful technology program at your school. To make a real difference in student learning we need to build sustainable and innovative programs that enable teachers to work their magic in the classroom.

Virtual iPad Professional Development


Enhance critical thinking and explore new and creative ways of problem-solving.

Our partnership with leading STEAM education organisations allows us to supply a comprehensive range of STEAM products and curriculum resources to support schools in the implementation of the Digital Technologies Curriculum.

These products include:

  • 3D printers
  • Bee-Bots
  • Spheros
  • Robotics

iPad Trolleys, Sync-and-charge Stations and Printers

iPad Accessories

Cases, Cables and Accessories