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New Gauge Digital

Don't let the size of your business hold you back. With New Gauge Digital, you can access big-business quality IT solutions tailored specifically for small businesses. Stay ahead of the competition and streamline your operations with our efficient and innovative services designed to empower your business in today's digital landscape.

New gauge digital

Bridging Technology and Education

At New Gauge Digital, we provide expert consulting on school-ready Apple and Microsoft one-to-one devices, MDM solutions, and professional learning courses. Our services equip Brisbane students with the latest and greatest technology, ensuring secure and effective digital transformation.

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Student laptops

Dynabook E11 Series

Student device Deployment

Are you school ready? New Gauge Digital introduces our Zero-Touch Deployment for students. Ensure your device is optimally configured for modern learning. View our full range of high-end, top-tier, school-ready devices.

Our Expert Team

We are committed to work with you to design, deliver and support your digital transformation initiatives. We ensure that sustainability, seamless integration and high-quality support is a priority in all our solutions.

Are You Sick of I.T?

Clapped-out computers, confusing messages, nerds that speak gibberish and hackers trying to steal your passwords? We can help. Speak to a real person from our Brisbane team. Call 1300 37 11 37

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