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1-1 iPad Course (A) - Foundation

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A comprehensive iPad course for schools with teaching staff not yet familiar with iPad functionality and/or not yet utilising iPads in a 1-1 iPad class environment:

  1. 'How to' foundation training for iPad functions
  2. 'How to' foundation training for iPad classroom and behaviour management.

Nicole McFarland is an experienced teacher across primary and secondary schools. Nicole's experience in 1-1 classrooms and developing and delivering Digital Technologies over 5 years has allowed her to utilise technology as a tool for planning, teaching, learning and assessing. She delivers Professional Development to primary and secondary educators around STEM Education, as well as embedding the use of engaging learning applications as a whole school approach to teaching, learning and behaviour management.

Course Outcomes

  • Hands-on experience in exploring foundational resources specifically for the iPad and mastering these key features and apps. (APST 3.4, 4.3, 4.5 6.2)                                                           
  • Hands-on experince in learning new ways to enhance productivity within the classroom environment and appropriately manage student use of ICT's. (APST 4.2,  4.5, 6.2)

Course Delivery and Duration

The1-1 iPad Course (A) - Foundation- Online is delivered over five 1-hour sessions at the client's school. Note a minimum of 4 teachers / staff is required for this course.


The listed price is per participant for on-site delivered within a 1 hour drive from our company's office in Aspley, Queensland. Onsite sessions can be delivered further afield for listed price plus travel and accommodation expenses.