The New Mac Book Pro : Built For Professionals

The New Mac Book Pro : Built For Professionals

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Apple has released their new MacBook Pro! It comes in 14 Inch and 16 Inch models, with two new powerful versions of the M1 chip to choose from: The M1 Pro and the M1 Max. These computers look stunning, are incredibly powerful, power-efficient and see the return of HDMI and SD card ports as well as the best graphics ever seen in a Mac computer. But are they for everyone? This article will explore the new Mac's features, retail price and discuss who should buy the new MacBook Pro.

These new models is that they are insanely powerful; The M1 chip is already one of the best chips available in a computer. And the New M1 Pro has a CPU that is 70% Faster and a GPU that is 100% faster. The M1 Max maintains the Pro's lighting fast processing speed and a 32 core GPU that is x2 faster than that of the Pro, making the Max comparable to high end gaming computers in terms of graphics. Much could be said about the wonders of these new devices; however, Apple's promo video already does a pretty good job at selling the new Pros.


Features and Price range:
There is no doubt from the technical reports and the departure in Apple's typical advertising that these new MacBooks are designed for power. In addition to making use of the increased power; The new Pros have some useful hardware changes:

Touch Bar:
The Touch Bar has been replaced with keys again ( like on the 2020 Air), though Touch ID remains.

HDMI and SD card ports:
A common frustration with Apple devices is the need to buy adaptors for everything; the addition of the HDMI port and SD card reader is great to see from Apple. 
Mag safe Charging and USB 4 charging options: 
The new MacBooks also see the return of Mag safe charging alongside three USB 4 (USB C) ports. 
Price range:
The most basic 14 inch Pro starts at $2999, the price rising to around $10000 for the most powerful 16 inch (including Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro.)


Who Should buy it?
The last and most important question; should everyone be forking about a minimum of $3000 to buy a laptop just because it's insanely powerful?
No. This MacBook Pro is for Professionals. Many of the hardware features are useful (especially the HDMI and SD card ports). However, there are adapters that serve the same purpose for a fraction of the price. For users looking to get a MacBook for the first time or want a computer for personal or general use, the M1 Mac book Air 2020 is a far better choice.

If you want to use your computer for specific programs that require superior processing such as Final Cut Pro, or high end data processing; the lower-end versions equipped with the new M1Pro chip are worth investigating. As for MacBook Pro's M1 Max, I would only recommend them to individuals doing heavy-duty work where high-performance is essential. Not everyone needs to use 8k across up to 7 monitors.

What about gamers? The higher-end MacBook Pros certainly have the processing and graphics necessary (The M1 Max reportedly has greater processing power than the PS5). At present, the consensus still seems to be that the new MacBooks aren't suitable for gaming. This consensus is mainly due to a lack of AAA companies making games for Mac at present. That may change in the coming years; Apple has the hardware available to put stakes in the gaming market; it is likely only a matter of time before they try.


The new 2021 MacBook Pro brings an entire new level to Apple Macs by being a laptop computer designed for professional use. The new pro fills out the top end of Apple's laptop range nicely complementing the MacBook Air in terms of Price range and processing capacity. While not recommended for the general user this computer looks to be a wonder for professionals who need more out their devices.