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The Vision-Setting Workshop

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Too often people think that having a vision for their organisation involves imposing an idea and driving it forward. However effective vision setting is more complex and more rewarding than that. Beginning with a journey of understanding, and moving toward desired outcomes, this session is designed to help your organisation take concrete, achievable steps toward change — but remember, vision without implementation is hallucination!

Roger Marsh served most of his working life as an officer in the Australian Army. He has extensive experience in instructing in areas such as world view, resilience, ethics, vision setting, guided reflection, mission command and organisational change.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand organisational realities.
  • Develop pathways to growth or change.
  • Gaining an understanding of the implementation of vision.

Course Delivery and Duration

The Vision-Setting Workshop is a half-day course delivered either at your site or ours. Note a minimum of 4 teachers / staff is required for this course.


The listed price is per participant for onsite workshops held within a two hour drive of our offices in Aspley, Queensland. We can deliver workshops further afield for the listed price plus travel and accommodation expenses. Please contact us for details.