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SWIVL C Series Robot - C 1 - Base and Primary Marker

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The Swivl C-Series Robot is a lecture capture and presentation delivery tool that simplifies the recording, delivery and sharing of videos.


A robotic mobile accessory, app and cloud hosting service. Swivl allows you to utilize the technology you already own, such as tablets and smartphones, and makes it easy to create engaging, multimedia videos that enrich the learning experience. You can then share your lectures and presentations on Swivl's private and secure video hosting service, where you always retain the rights to your content.

The Swivl C-Series Robot follows you with professional quality audio, twice the speed of response, a simpler to use Lightning interface and the ability to connect and use up to four markers at once. The rotating feature of the base allows teachers and student teachers to place the camera in virtually any location in the classroom without having to worry whether they will be able to capture the video and audio. It allows the teacher to move freely without worry. The Swivl's revolutionising teaching.

The Swivl C-Series Robot incorporates years of customer feedback from tens of thousands of educators. It's our most powerful, easy-to-use and fastest solution yet. When used with the free Practice app it's the best video coaching tool on the planet. With the soon to be released Present app, it's the ultimate blended learning tool.

The Swivl C-Series Robot is creating the solutions that will scale to create the impact necessary for the future of education.