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Perfect for BYOD.

The FUYL Cell is a Charging Locker that is designed to individually store, charge and secure Laptops, Tablets or any other mobile electronic device.

  1. No Stress. Safe and Secure. FUYL Cells are designed to secure valuable mobile electronic devices - Tablets, Laptops, Cell Phones and more.  Each FUYL Cell has five (5) individually lockable compartments.
  2. On the go charging. Set up the FUYL Cell Charging Locker in any environment and create a secure charging and storage facility. Perfect setup for schools, universities, convention centres anywhere mobile devices are used.
  3. Modular and scalable. Mount the FUYL Cell on a wall or stack them. It's your choice. The FUYL Cell is designed to adapt to your space.
  4. Fully Ventilated. No worries. Designed for passive ventilation to minimise heat during charging.
  5. Easy to use. Works just like a hotel safe. The FUYL Cell comes with digital locks for individual use 24/7.
  6. Highly compatible. Charge almost any device. Each compartment is fully equipped with a mains supply power outlet, as well as dual USB charging ports capable of delivering 2.1 amps. (iPad devices compatible) - Port A is configured for iPad, iPad Air or iPad mini devices capable of delivering 2.1 amps. - Port B is configured for the majority of other USB devices.
  7. Available in 3 locking options. Depending on your needs, you can customise the FUYL Cell with a locking option that suits your needs. Locking options available are as follows: - Digital Locking (PIN code) - Keyed Cam Lock - Padlock ready Wing Lock
  8. Lifetime warranty. PC Locs products are built to last. Conditions apply. See here for warranty

PC Locs it just makes life easier!

External Product Dimensions (mm) – FUYL Cell
Length: 480
Width: 480
Height: 500
Weight: 24.3kg

Slot/Bay Dimensions (mm) – FUYL Cell
Height: 86
Width: 290
Length: 450

  • FUYL cell accessories and Pedestal sold separately. 
  • iOS, Android devices and also laptops sold separately.