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Deluxe Transparent Grid Mat (6x6) for Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot

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The Bee-Bot card mat provides the perfect surface for Bee-Bot and is a great tool for implementing Bee-Bot Lessons. The Bee-Bot card mat is a grid covered with an attached clear plastic sheet. Lift the clear sheet to locate subject images on the grid and then lower it to lock them in place. The grid guides students as they navigate Bee-Bot across the mat to practice and learn each lesson.

The Deluxe Transparent Grid Mat measures 90cm x 90cm (6x6 Bee-bot Squares!)

The Deluxe Transparent Grid Mat is designed for use with Bee-bot, Blue-bot or Ino-bot and can also be used with other school robots, such as Lego Mindstorms, WeDo, Sphero, Ozobot and more.