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Bee-Bot and Resources Value Bundle

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This value bundle is a great way to bring the New 2019 Bee-bot into your classroom.

The new and improved Bee-Bot is a perfect starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming.
Interact with other Bee-Bot's and Blue-Bot's Record audio to play back to confirm when commands are entered Audio playback when Bee-Bot® follows commands Remembers up to 200 steps

This value bundle is a great way to bring Bee-bot into your classroom.
With bee-bots, accessories and mats... your Bee-bots will be buzzing in no time!

12 of Bee-Bot Rechargeable
2 of Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Charging Dock
1 of Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Mini Sequence Cards
2 of Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Carry Case
1 of Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Mat - Australia Map
1 of Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Mat - Australian Currency
1 of Bee-Bot Trailer
1 of Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Mat - Transparent Grid
1 of Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Mat - Shape, Colour & Size
1 of Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Solar System Floor Mat
1 of Bee-Bot 100 Mathematics Activities Box