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Your business is your livelihood, and no one knows it better than you. Do what you do better, save time, do more, and be safer with us. 

Apple or Microsoft- Work Your Way

Eveyone works differently, so there's no reason why everyone should use the same device. Mac, iPad or Windows, we can help everyone work in the way that suits them best.

Server Setup and Configuration

Update or install a new server to maximise productivity.

Backup & Recovery Solutions

Backups are essential in a disaster situation. We tailor backup and recovery solutions that suits your business, whether it is a cloud solution, on premises or a combination of both.

Microsoft Office 365 & Cloud Migration

Access emails and documents from anywhere, no longer tied to the office.

Wireless Networks

We have partnered with Ubiquiti to bring you the latest mesh wireless solutions, cutting down on expensive cable installations.

Network Security & Monitoring

Secure your network from intrusions with top of the line firewalls, procedures and monitoring tools.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Many duties traditionally done by expensive servers onsite such as DNS, SMB file shares, Intranet, can be moved to the cloud reducing cost and increasing up-time.

Mobile Device & BYOD Management

Keep track of what devices are on your network, push out secure apps, allow employees to bring their own device without having to worry about security.