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World Mat and Tins Bundle for Bee-bot and Blue-bot

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Bee-Bot and Blue-bot World Bundle

This is a set of 4 Bee-Bot® World Mats with associated Activity Tins. With the new & improved Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot, we have introduced a brand new range of activity tins, mats and resources!

This new range features exciting cross-curricular resources, which will assist with the teaching of control, directional language and programming across other subject areas.

Included in the World Bundle are the Countryside, Transport and Industry, People Who Help Us and Seaside Bee-Bot® Mat and Activity Tins. You can use the mats individually, or connect them together to build one huge Bee-bot landscape with 4 different zone.

Each mat measures 5x5 Bee-bot qquares (75cm x 75cm total) with the whole World Landscape measuring 150cm x 150cmwhen using all 4 mats together